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Clare is a life-long campaigner, trade unionist, and champion for social justice. She’s spent her life standing up for others, guided by the principles at the core of her personal and professional identity: solidarity and strength in unity.

She has worked for trade unions for twenty years, and was seconded into Downing Street to work with Gordon Brown for two years. From 2014 to 2019, she represented the Stroud constituency along with other constituents across the South West in the European Parliament, always putting the people she represents first. She is also passionate about equalities, human rights, and giving people a voice, which she does now through her role as CEO of a human rights charity.

Cotswolds born-and-bred, Clare has campaigned in elections in Stroud constituency for over a decade, including launching David Drew’s campaign in 2015. She prides herself on being approachable and bringing people together. Her own life experiences and character, her in-depth policy knowledge, her Parliamentary and representative expertise mean she is perfectly equipped to bring the fight to the Tories and be elected as Stroud’s next Labour MP.

Marine Plastics

Working in the European Parliament to ensure the most heavily-used single use plastics were banned as part of the EU’s waste directive, taking effect in all 28 European Union member states. From drinks bottles to cotton buds, it’s estimated as much as 12m tonnes of plastics enter our oceans every year.

Equality for women and girls

Funding violence against women and girls; ensuring women and girls are included in refugee programmes; instrumental in the Daphne Programme; combating violence against young people and women across the EU, and supporting victims and reducing vulnerability to violence.

Proper funding of our regions post-Brexit

Arguing for Gloucestershire and Stroud to have the £40m of public funding that it would have been entitled to had the UK remained in the EU

Internet Safety

Tackling cross-border child sexual abuse and exploitation of children



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Thank you @elliereeves for hosting and speaking at our event earlier and huge thanks to @age_uk @RunnymedeTrust @MindCharity @childrensociety @DisRightsUK and @EVAWuk, it was a privilege to chair this and hear how and why human rights matter to us ...all. #HumanRightsOurRights

Getting ready for our event in Parliament where we and our members, including @age_uk @RunnymedeTrust @MindCharity @childrensociety @DisRightsUK and @EVAWuk, will be talking to MPs and Peers about how and why human rights matter to us all. #HumanRightsOurRights

Excellent article by @JessMcQuail on the conclusions of @JustFairUK’s important report on the state of everyday rights in the UK

Today I've written to the @guardian about this damning evidence. This government is falling short in many areas and for too many people.
#HumanRights #poverty #CostOfLivingCrisis

I’ve always loved campaigning in Stroud, and that won’t stop now.

The only way we win here and across the country is by going door-to-door, listening to voters and making the positive case for Labour - by far the greatest vehicle for change our country has ever seen.

I’d also like to thank all those members and affiliates who supported me, welcomed me into their homes, & who have shown such friendship over recent months. I’d especially like to thank my team for the relentlessly positive campaign we ran, ...solely focused on winning back Stroud.

Congratulations to Simon Opher on his selection as Labour’s candidate for Stroud.

Last night’s meeting showed the strength of Labour in the constituency and I know that together we will turn Stroud red again.

Stroud has been an incredibly marginal seat since the 90s. We need an experienced candidate who knows how to campaign and win. I’m grateful for Alison’s support and I’m committed to making a difference for Stroud both locally and on a national... level too.

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