The Tories have failed in the most basic of missions to keep people safe, it simply is not good enough. It’s time for that to change. The people of Somerset & Avon deserve nothing less.

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It’s Clare or the Tories here

We should all feel safe whether it is around the local high street, walking home at night, using the internet, and especially at home. But this is only possible if the public feel confident that the police and criminal justice system will be there for them.

Many of our streets feel less safe than ever, and over 14 years under this Government the police have grown more distant from the people they serve. The current Tory police and crime commissioner is putting your council tax up again, while cutting PSCO numbers by 80 and police staff by around 200. Like Rishi Sunak, he’s letting people down across our region.

Labour believes that feeling secure is the bedrock on which opportunities are built, communities can thrive, and local economies can prosper. As your Labour Police and Crime Commissioner, my mission will focus on the twin challenges of reducing crime and raising public confidence in our police.

Having represented the region as a Member of the European Parliament, I am very familiar with issues across the area and accountability in public office. My experience working inside No.10 under Gordon Brown, as a Trade Union official for over 20 years, and currently as a co-CEO of an equality and human rights charity, means I know how institutions work, and I know how to get things done.

As your PCC, I will be tireless in speaking truth to power, calling out the uncomfortable, and above all, have a laser-like focus on keeping our communities safe.

In 2021, Labour were just 5% short of winning the Police and Crime Commissioner election. This time round, after the Tory Government stole our second preference votes, this election will be First Past The Post, so only Labour can beat the Tories in this election on 2nd May – and deliver the change that our communities need.

The Tories have failed to
keep our communities safe

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